June 20, 2016

One-Day Trainings


Upcoming One-Day Training

Check back soon for updates regarding our upcoming training.

One-day training includes a 2-year HuTT Program license with the following benefits for up to 2 coaches:

  • In-person training by founding HuTT Expert Instructors
    • With an overview of current scientific evidence of head impact biomechanics and concussions in football
  • HuTT program manual
  • HuTT program interactive software application accessible from any smartphone or tablet, which contains:
    • Season-long prescription of HuTT drills
    • Video production example of each drill
    • Customer support/HuTT expert feedback feature
  • Ability to attain the rigorous HuTT certification
    • Managed through HuTT software application video upload feature

Registration Fees:
$2,500 per secondary school institution
$3,000 per university
Payment must be received before the training date.

Contact: HuTT.program@unh.edu / 1-603-862-0018